The Lost Age Core Rulebook gives you all the tools you need to run a tactical RPG in the mythic bronze age world of Issperra, a land filled with gods, heroes, and magic. The Lost Age is powered by the TEN system, which is quick to learn but rich in tactical features for players and GM’s alike. The central question asked by the world of Isspera is this: What happens when a god can be killed? Will you be remembered for your great deeds and worshiped as a deity, or will you become another footnote in history? Used throughout this core rulebook is the Tales from Khem campaign setting, featuring people, places, and creatures inspired by the Bronze Age and our own world’s oldest myths and legends.

Inside the book you will find:

  • The TEN tactical RPG rules system, where players roll all the dice and manage their resources while GMs let their story-telling skills shine with quick action resolution and unique adversary creation.
  • Rules for creating mythic heroes, in a classless skill -based progression system.
  • Two magic systems: fixed, spiritual magic powered by the gods; and the more customizable esoteric magic.

The Tales from Khem setting contains:

  • A shifting pantheon of natural deities and once mortal heroes.
  • 6 iconic characters to jump start play.
  • A plethora of notable NPC’s and locations.
  • Over 50 creatures, both adversaries and allies, that populate the world.
  • A variety of Bronze Age inspired creatures, technology, and cultures.



With Watercolors by – Audre “Charamath” Schutte 




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