Jueera & Apotheosis

Jueera & Apotheosis Define: Apotheosis Noun The elevation of someone to divine status; deification. After all that talk about magic in The Lost Age, and how deities fuel their power I thought it would be pertinent to show of the latest on one of the first “Mortal Deities”. Mortal deities were mortals who ascended to god … More Jueera & Apotheosis

People, The Kah

Back again to share more about the Kah, one of the Races in The Lost Age. Here’s one of the No-Kah Matriarchs, the Mata, by Audre “Charamath”.  The Mata lead their people through their accumulated wisdom, and the visions they receive from their god. And because my prose is not my strength read an excerpt … More People, The Kah