Landscapes, Characters, and Layout oh my!

Great news this week, my friend Brandon Burt has some free time and agreed to do some commission work for The Lost Age! Brandon will be working on some landscapes to help capture the look and feel of the land of Khem.

You can see his work bring Deep Nerah to life. The oldest Deep hold and cultural center for the Kah people in the land of Khem.

Paul says it best when he writes about Deep Nerah;

As his tiny group of companions followed their guide Kubu into his home, Ēnu was overcome. He knew that the No-Kah could see in almost complete darkness, so he had prepared for stumbling around in the dark. He saw now that this wouldn’t be necessary. As they crossed a beautifully crafted stone bridge over an underground stream, the great cavern of Deep Nerah opened before them. Fathoms overhead, the leafing roots of a great Moreh tree formed an inverted canopy above them. Where the roots pierced the stone walls of the cavern, waterfalls emerged, falling down into carved basins below which emptied into aqueducts that crisscrossed over the streets of the city. The largest of these roots trailed out to the far wall and formed a great pillar that snaked all the way down to the floor of the cavern, hundreds of meters below. Stairs and walkways encircled this great root pillar all the way to the ceiling of the cavern, where a  grand structure hung suspended.

Cradled in the center of the tangle of roots was an ethereal glowing orb of silvery blue phosphorescence. A moon under the earth. Looking down from this brilliance,  Ēnu could see the dwellings and structures of the No-Kah spreading out before him. The stone and wood structures spread out below the roots of the tree, each dappled with luminous painted symbols and patterns. Glowing like fireflies in the light of the “moon”, these adornments filled the entire cavern with a surreal, magical landscape that said everything about these amazing people.

You can check out Brandons facebook page for more!

From the Publishing side;

This week as been all about layout. I have definitely learned more about kerning and grid lines then I had ever expected. However the silver lining is that the format template for the book is it really good shape! Now I’ll be able to focus on the layout and adding polishing. For now I’m wrestling with the age old conundrum “to add a back ground image or keep it pristine and blank?”. There’s no easy answer, so I’ll post both and if you, dear reader, have an opinion please leave them in the comments!

And as always the incredible work of Audre “Charamath” Schutte adorns this page, introducing the playable badger breed known as Calatar, and the elephantine breed known as the Orondo.

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