People, The Kah

Back again to share more about the Kah, one of the Races in The Lost Age. Here’s one of the No-Kah Matriarchs, the Mata, by Audre “Charamath”.  The Mata lead their people through their accumulated wisdom, and the visions they receive from their god.

And because my prose is not my strength read an excerpt from one of the liner stories written by Paul T below.

The room was carved out inside the huge root as it ran along the ceiling of the cavern. The floor was honeycombed with inset translucent glass through which the light from the cavern below filtered, blue and indistinct. The room was filled with an intoxicating incense and in the center was a carved hollow, filled with magnificent pillows. Reclining at the far edge of this was a beautiful female No-Kah. She was draped in scant silks, and her skin was pierced with gold and silver chain jewelry and painted in myriad patterns of glowing keph. This was undoubtedly the grand Mata Naya, ruler of Deep Nerah.

Her voice was smoky and mysterious as she spoke the trade tongue, drawing out syllables leisurely, “You have traveled far from home Thakir, far from the safety of Relang.” She locked eyes with Sorme as she spoke, withdrawing from the recess even as she gestured for them to take a seat. “You join a precious small group of your kin who have gazed upon the mysteries of Deep Nerah. An even smaller number have ever been admitted within the root palace of the Grand Mata.” She smiled, her luminous eyes laughing as she seemed to enjoy a private joke.

Sorme swallowed at the pause in conversation. Naya’s gaze still kept her fixed. She seemed to be waiting for Sorme to speak. Sorme glanced around at her companions, but they, too were staring at her expectantly. She considered, then forged ahead. “It is said that the Mata of the No-Kah can see the future. If this is true, then you must have good reason for admitting us. For sending Kubu to us. If it was your foresight that arranged that, then we owe you our lives.” With this, Sorme bowed deeply before her.

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