Location, Location, Location!

Fantasy is rife with cities of ancient fallen splendor. There’s always a catalytic event, Osgiliath was burnt by flame in the Kin-Strife of Gondor, Myth Drannor was reduced to ruin by magical explosions and an army of demonic forces.

In Khem  that place is Kufiss. Built to honor the ancient goddess of water and knowledge, Kufiss was unmatched in splendor, and learning. The Goddess was corrupted and banished by her former followers and the land suffered. The jewel of the ancient world was cracked and it’s luster dimmed. For a time the city stood strong, until the civil war of the Kah and the death of the god Sum unleashed magically altered creatures, unnatural lightning storms, and a foul taint which corrupts the hearts of those who dwell within it. Now it lies at the center of the Thana wastes and serves as a home to warring factions of Sum-Kah, unnatural beasts, and foul magic.

Brandon has really brought this city of unnatural dread to life.

Questions or comments about the dread city of Kufiss or the Thana wastes? Leave em below!

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