Esoteric Magic

Magic is one of the key components of any good fantasy setting. Like many before it The Lost Age features two types of magic. That granted by the gods and that which is mastered by individual users. Each of these magics fundamentally function the same, there are things in the world (cats, rocks, plants, people, etc.), and there are forces in the world (pressure, heat, gravity, etc.). Esoteric channeler  are those that learn to harness the forces of the cosmos through intense study and dedication. They are able to excite molecules in the air to create heat, create pressure, and even alter gravity to throw things. Esoteric Channelers are incredibly flexible they are essentially a scientists ultimate dream, able to control the variables around them to create lasting change in the world. There are limitations to this power. The channeler must be intimately familiar with the thing she is effecting, invest significantly to learn the skills necessary, and the process is exhausting. For now there are two types of Esoteric Magic, Water and Earth.

Above you can see Audre’s truly evocative Earth Channeler, wielding the mightiest forces possible.

While Paul sums up one of the more subtle uses for a Water Channeler’s power and her process rather nicely.

In the vacuum left behind by her emotion, there was quiet. Time seemed to drag. She had entered the Void. She affirmed that her will was the unmaking of these beasts, but the world did not yet share her intent. In the dispassion of the void, she remembered the fallen lamp. She noted now the strong smell of lamp oil in this chamber,contrasting against the overpowering smell of blood. Her gaze flicked down to the hem of the Ashkin’s robe and she saw a dark, wet stain. Oil. Remarkable that it had not caught fire in it’s proximity to the the brazier. She reached out to the space between things, the Possibility, where all potential waits and pronounced her irrefutable will, feeling it’s echoes reverberate outward from her. The oil instantly began to agitate and what came next was only logical. In one instant, there was a robed figure standing there and the next, an inferno of burning oil, robes and flesh.

What are some of your favorite magics?

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