Spiritual Magic

“Enu Spoke. “Open thy hearth to the beggar, to the stranger, to thine enemy if he should ask it, for in the sharing of thy bounty can the Father’s face be seen. And woe unto he who turns away a hungry mouth from his door, for the Sun’s fury burns hot and bright.” With these words a sigil appeared in the air, a brilliant copper sun made of pure flame.

The ruddy cheeked Nalar fell to his knees, his cronies backing away in fear. He wore an expression of pure fright across his stricken face. “I did not know, father. Don’t scorch me. He were just a filthy Sirith. He weren’t no man. We never serve their kind. We’ll let him go.”

-Enu’s Wrath

There’s a lot to say about the Spiritual magic granted by the gods in The Lost Age. First it is probably easiest to lay out the rules.

  • Gods live beyond the veil,a metaphysical barrier between the real world and the realm of the gods layered over it.
  • Gods effect the world through their devotees.
  • Worship equals power. Gods are not all powerful.
  • Every mortal has only so much worship they can offer.
  • Anyone can become divine, if enough people worship them.

Not only are the gods active in the world but they take an active hand in simple mundane tasks as well as mighty spells.

If a blacksmith wishes to alloy tin and copper to form bronze she doesn’t need to know the exact temperature to heat her forge. She calls upon the powers of her deity to set the flames to the desired temperature. The gods provide a shortcut, to things which could take a person operating on their own a lifetime to master. Thus the the creation and wonders that can be made are limited only by the knowledge of the gods, and the dreams of the builder.

The gods may feel altruistic about this giving of power, especially if they to where once human. Providing gifts to their devotees, allows them to convince  others of their power and gain more worshipers. This is the only way to gain more power. God provide the powers within their sphere of influence. Death, Life, Water, Clever, Earth, etc.


Above we see another excellent illustration by Audre “Charamath” of a Kah Weaver. The Weavers are death priests of Yumati, the dark mysterious god of death and secrets. Weavers are granted power of the Sphere of Death, and Knowledge. Through which the weavers discreetly perpetuate fear, of death and the unknown throughout the land to increase Yumati’s power.

The Sun priests of Sal Al Ibn are wildly different then the Weavers of Yumati. They believe in spreading wisdom, compassion, and understanding. Sal Al Ibn also believes in giving his followers the power to scorch those who do not follow the true path. Above paul shows us the dual nature of fiery compassion that the Sun priests possess.


Until next time!

Keith of Leiker Games

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