The Lost Age – Playtest

Excellent playtest of the introductory adventure for The Lost Age today. I had 5 excellent play-testers of all skill levels playing and it was an incredible experience. We tested out numerous combat tweaks, and the brand new magic system that went over incredibly well. It makes me excited to head to Dragon Flight in August!

2013-07-07 15.54.51

Thank you to all my awesome playtesters. From Left Mike, Tasia, Spencer, Jonathan, Doug.

Also I think Spencer and Jon may be line dancing?

2013-07-07 15.54.30

Reaper Kickstarter minis plus a row of dice accumulated over a decade is all you need to play TLA!

2013-07-07 19.45.58

Final wrap up against the boss.

2013-07-07 19.45.53

“No we can finish the boss!” They said as we were forced to leave the venue.

2013-07-07 19.45.44

Doug’s Channeler character cast Magma burst and covered the field in a dangerous pool of magma!

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