Style Guides & Conventions

When you’re reading an RPG you usually don’t give a second thought to how things are formatted. Things like how damage is presented ( DMG,  Dmg, Dmg) or how you want to present flavor text (flavor, flavor). And even when you build your own you can just kind of wing it, but as soon as you bring someone else to take a look, or want to look like a professional you’ve got to have a style guide.

So this week, at my awesome contributing editor Savannah’s behest, we came up with a basic style guide. Very useful for contracting out little things like adventures or keeping myself consistent throughout the process. It’s just one more step toward putting together a final polished product.

Which brings me to my convention schedule over the next few months. Turns our there are a ton of great conventions in the PNW, that I have never attended, who knew? I’ll be running games of the lost age at each convention both as playtest and to spread the word. At Kublacon I’ll see how it is to have some booth space too!

Convention List:

Radcon (Tri-Cities, WA) Feb 17 – Feb 19

Gamestorm (Portland, OR) Mar 29 – April 3

Norwescon (Tukwila, WA ) April 13 – April 16

Kublacon (San Francisco, CA) May 25 – May 29

Gencon (Indianapolis, Indiana) Aug 17 – Aug 20

So there’s a lot to look forward to, and if you happen to attend one of these guys come find me! OR better yet sign up and play The Lost Age!



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