TLA – Setting Conceits Part 2

Types of Magic

Spiritual magic

Channeling more potent magic is much harder, training and devout worship are required to receive more powerful boons from the gods. Each Deity is able to grant their priests spells based around their own powers. A god of Forging and Fire would be able to enhance the characters blacksmithing prowess, and grant the ability to strengthen or quench flames.

Esoteric magic

Esoteric Magic is new and different, cabals of scholars have banded together to discover the laws with which the gods themselves shape reality. Instead of worshiping a god these rare individuals are driven to discover and master the laws of nature through intense study and force of will. Esoteric Channelers don’t worship any god as no god would be willing to grant them succor, and some gods actively seek out these cabals to destroy them as heretics for dabbling in powers reserved for the gods.

Socially Esoteric Channelers are unusual, because the knowledge of manipulating the laws of reality without the aid of the gods is new, they are often mistaken for priests of some unknown deity by common folk. Those more in the know, range in their attitude from those that accept them and see the utility of their skills, and those that resent and fear them as heretics. Some esoteric Channelers will actively disguise themselves as priests just to get through places.



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