TLA – Setting Conceits Part 3

What role do the Deities play in The Lost Age?

Deities in Isspera are a huge part of the setting, they are a metaphysical reality. Everyone has at least one deity they acknowledge and pray to. Due to the widespread worship of deities small miracles and displays of power are not uncommon even in remote villages.

Faith = Power

The Primary rule of the deities is that faith equates to power. The more worshipers a deity has the more power they wield. A deity can gain power by converting followers to their cause. They can also undermine another deities power by killing that deities followers. This lays the ground work for some very interesting politicking and scheming amongst the gods. It is not unheard of for a deity to call on his priests and worshipers to wage war on another deities followers.

Number and power of the gods

The number of gods is very large, every act could be patroned by a minor god. In game terms there are 9 major deities that are worshiped within the Cradle (the home of the Bwhir, Thakir, and Noki). There are also numerous minor deities that serve, or pretend to serve these primary deities. There are also local deities that are worshiped and may serve a greater deity or may be unknown to any god if they are remote.

Gods are localized

Gods are not all know and all seeing, they have power only where they have worship, so they must send out emissaries in order to “see” other races and cultures around them. Local deities also exist, perhaps a dead hero was immortalized in his home town and the young warriors pray to her for aid. She is now a minor deity, able to affect small things for her followers. This also means that weak deities may be able to gain a foothold in places that don’t have a strong presence from another deity and grow stronger.

Gods can die

If a god no longer has enough worshipers they will cease to exist. If at a later time they would gain more followers they are still dead, leading to many old forgotten dead gods.

Gods can be killed

Gods can be killed, it is rare most gods fade into obscurity, due to their waning power, but it is possible for another god or a particularly powerful mortal to kill another god.


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