TLA – Setting Conceits Part 4

Gods and Society

Society and Gods

Because Deities can be killed and others can take hold like weeds in a garden gods have many different tactics in order to maintain their power. Their are some deities who favor cooperation, and others who take a darker approach. In the primary civilized area that the Bwhir, Thakir, and Noki inhabit a conglomeration of deities and their originating people live together in relative peace. Imagine the political landscape of Europe during the 19th century and you will get a sense of the politicking and jockeying that the gods do despite being at peace.


Deities grant power to their priests in order to maintain and spread their power. The more willpower a priest has the more power they are usually granted because they have the power to sway others. Of course this does not mean that priest are all smarmy, personable people, for some deities displays of their followers prowess is more than enough to maintain worshipers.

Deific Patronage

Because of the core law of deities when a god chooses, or is called upon, to become the patron of a city they are making an investment into that cities ruling class. This makes for an interesting system of political intrigue amongst the nobles of Isspera as they may call upon the aid of a deity to gain a throne ,warring with another gods chosen scion

Game terms

Willpower = God power

For every 10 Will a person has they can give 1 point of faith to a god. So a character with higher will can grant larger sums of power to one god or small sums to several gods. People in the world have a limited pool to grant to the gods however, so once you’re devoted to your max WILL, that’s it!


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