Back in Action

Keith here, looking to keep you up to date on the state of the game.

Currently all game systems are implemented and awaiting further playtesting.

I’ve begun working with Savannah to make sure the book is edited to make sense and look clean.

Illustration is well under way with fresh art from Audre “Charamath“. In the coming weeks I’ll be showcasing some of her excellent new creatures.










Trying to give you a sense of the world.

Khem Map

And showcasing the setting through short story vignettes from Paul, my writer.

Her cold gaze rose to regard the remaining intruder. He must have sensed her intent in that gaze, because he turned toward the window, quickly gathering up the bundles of flesh and fled, leaping with graceful ease out into the benighted city.  Sorme calmly launched herself from the window, reaching out again to the between. Pulling the molecules of water from the air to freeze solid beneath her feet, her momentum turning into a brisk jog across seemingly empty air as ice rained to the streets below in her wake.


Stay tuned for more!

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