Jueera & Her City

Jueera & Her City

Welcome back to the second part of Jueera’s tale in The Lost Age. After aiding her people the Thakir to flee from the Malverians they were lost at Sea for 30 years despite Jueera’s aid.

But upon reaching the land to the East that was promised to them, many of her followers settled the City state of Irwa with Jueera as their patron deity. With an outstanding illustration by Brandon B. showing off the Sea Amphitheater where ceremonial rights are performed to placate and glorify Jueera.

What follows is an excerpt from The Tales of Khem by Lyconidus regarding Irwa and Jueera’s priests.


“Irwa borders the sea where, pearls, snails, and tin are abundant. The purple dye created from the snails is highly valued by the rich and mighty and has allowed Irwa to  trade for fine timber in order to build one of the strongest navies in the Pelos. 

The Great Sea Ampitheatre descends into the waters along the shore, where great ceremonies to Jueera are held. It is said that on dark windless nights thewhispers of Jueera can be heard amongst the waves. Dark tales are told of the men who hear these whispers and dive into the sea on moonless nights. Perhaps worse, Though I have never seen it, are the tales concerning the children of Irwa. Everyone knows the swimming prowess of their children as peerless divers and pearl hunters, but the tales told by jealous merchants is one of scaled children and webbed hands, bred from unholy trsyst with creatures from the depths of Jueera’s domain.”

Stay tuned for more on Jueera and her Followers.

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