Project Update

A special thanks.

The support just keeps on rolling in for The Lost Age. Before getting into the nuts and bolts of this update I’d like to take a moment to say  thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time and energy to help me build, test, and refine this project over the last several years and months.

“Thank you!”

After reviewing financials, business costs, IP laws, artists, play testers, editors, writers, and tax laws I am now ready to start working towards a Kickstarter date. There are still a vast array of unknowns and risks to getting the Kickstarter running, but based on all of the information I’ve collected and sifted through I’m comfortable putting the project on a time table.

The Lost Age will be Kickstarted in late Q1 2017.

This is important.

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The details are still in flux but the intent is to release a single book with everything needed to play, and enough background to get immersed in the world setting.

I’ll also be starting up an LLC next year to publish the game and run the Kickstarter, more details on that later.

Book Cover

You may have noticed the stunning piece of illustration at the top of the post, if you haven’t taken a look, I’ll wait…


…You’re back? okay good.

It’s with immense pleasure that I’m able to show you the cover art for The Lost Age painted by none other then Audre “Charamath“. A cover needs to convey everything about an RPG book, setting, feel, and tone all in one image. Audre has managed to capture the heroic action, potent dangers, and the ancient theme of The Lost Age all in one bright brilliant illustration. So if you haven’t go check here stuff out HERE.

So stay tuned as we get back on track next week with the followers of Jueera the fickle goddess of the sea.

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