Jueera & Her Followers

Jueera & Her Followers

Those that ply the waters of Khem are subject to many dangers, not least of which is the sea itself ruled over by Jueera. Her followers are some of the most numerous in Khem, with devotees ranging from those that pay lip service, to those who are know as the betrothed of Jueera.

There are some sailors that devote their lives to plying the waves of Jueera’s hair, for some of these devoted sailors Jueera smiles upon them and favours them and allows them to wear and use her divine symbol, a Kamal, so that they may always measure where they should need to go. These sailors are known as the betrothed of Jueera and are her priests. As such they are the most experienced, and sought after, sailors in Khem but even they are not immune to Jueera’s treacherous moods. They may only read the signs and anticipate what is to come from the goddess. There are dark stories concerning the betrothed of Jueera, of terrible unions, alien races, and monsters of the deep.

Needless to say despite her noble beginnings Jueera has changed overtime due to the influence of her stolen powers.

Jueera is just one of 9 major deities that make up the pantheon of Khem, each with their own history and character. Woven together they enrich and guide the tapestry of The Lost Age.

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