Playtesting Diary

The Lost Age has come along way over the past few years. And all along the way playtesting has been an integral part of the process.

Currently TLA is running Beta Version 4.7, that is major revision 4, minor revision of this version 7. For a game of this complexity you can noodle for ever; getting things just right, or rewording a rule just so, or finagling with any number of variables in the game.

This weekends playtest, Jan 2017

Along with playtesting among friends (above) I’m also pleased to be attending Orcacon in Everett Wa, where I’ll be running another playtest.

Which is why I’m happy to say I’m confident enough in the game to let other people play and run it without my help. I’ve gotten in contact with some friends who have, perhaps foolishly, volunteered themselves to run a game of The Lost Age without any prepping by my. I’ve handed them the core rulebook, pre-generated character sheets, and the first adventure “The Isle of Em Konoth” for them to run for there own group . Through the use of an online survey this blind playtest will help me gauge what people think of the game without the filter of having me present.

Another challenge of playtesting is how to create a character sheet that fulfills all of the needs of the player, but is also usable by a new player. Not an easy task.


After many iterations I’ve decided on a tri-fold brochure style character sheet, so while introducing the sheet players aren’t overwhelmed by the sheets complexity, and can hide unimportant pieces of information during play.




All this is to say The Lost Age is hard charging to begin it’s Kickstarter.

With editing in progress, playtesting going in a big way, the character sheets evolving rapidly, and of course beautiful art keeps poring in!

Check out Galar the lightning wielding blind God of Justice by Audre Charamath, in perhaps one of the most expressive pieces to date.


As always thanks for tuning in and don’t be afraid to leave questions in the comments!

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