Jueera & Apotheosis

Jueera & Apotheosis Define: Apotheosis Noun The elevation of someone to divine status; deification. After all that talk about magic in The Lost Age, and how deities fuel their power I thought it would be pertinent to show of the latest on one of the first “Mortal Deities”. Mortal deities were mortals who ascended to god … More Jueera & Apotheosis

Spiritual Magic

“Enu Spoke. “Open thy hearth to the beggar, to the stranger, to thine enemy if he should ask it, for in the sharing of thy bounty can the Father’s face be seen. And woe unto he who turns away a hungry mouth from his door, for the Sun’s fury burns hot and bright.” With these … More Spiritual Magic

Esoteric Magic

Magic is one of the key components of any good fantasy setting. Like many before it The Lost Age features two types of magic. That granted by the gods and that which is mastered by individual users. Each of these magics fundamentally function the same, there are things in the world (cats, rocks, plants, people, … More Esoteric Magic

People, The Kah

Back again to share more about the Kah, one of the Races in The Lost Age. Here’s one of the No-Kah Matriarchs, the Mata, by Audre “Charamath”.  The Mata lead their people through their accumulated wisdom, and the visions they receive from their god. And because my prose is not my strength read an excerpt … More People, The Kah

Back in Action

Keith here, looking to keep you up to date on the state of the game. Currently all game systems are implemented and awaiting further playtesting. I’ve begun working with Savannah to make sure the book is edited to make sense and look clean. Illustration is well under way with fresh art from Audre “Charamath“. In the coming … More Back in Action